Friday, June 15, 2012

Stereotypes - Blog Hop #4

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Here is the prompt for this blog hop: Do you experience this same assumption from society in general that just because you’re being crafty you’re also driven by some unseen force to be in constant 1950s housewife mode? and then…. Who actually does the cooking and the cleaning in the household? I’d also really like to hear some words from the men in the crowd who stitch on this topic. What sort of societal reactions do you get and what ridiculously wrong assumptions do people make towards you when they see you working on needlework?

Oh-my-freaking-God! This is such a great post for this month! Hahahahaha! I am laughing so hard at it because we just had an encounter such as this - on a military base!!  OK, so you need some back-story since many of you are new to the Koehler Klan.

My husband is medically retired from the United States Marine Corps.  He is a rough and tough son-of-a-bitch when necessary, but overall, he is the sweetest, kindest, and most gentlemanly kind of guy that you will ever meet. Everyone who knows him and even his medical records always indicate that he is a "perfect gentleman."  He is completely mechanical, and he almost proposed immediately when I knew how to rotate the tires on my own car.  

I have always been the rough and tumble tomboy who preferred to play sports and play with Tonka than put on a dress and play with Barbie. I have been shooting pistols and rifles since I was little, and it was my ornery and tough WW1 AND WW2 Veteran grandfather who taught me to shoot, cuss, and stick up for myself.  I was so afraid that when I had children that I would totally suck at it because of my apparent lack of estrogen (no fear, I did just fine taking care of the girls). I'm not the touchy-feely, overly emotional chick, and I still prefer hanging out with the guys smoking a cigar and enjoying a snifter of Scotch or Bourbon over being in the kitchen with the wives.  There are times I love being in the kitchen, but it's usually because the hubby and I are cooking together.

Now, please remember that my hubby is the retired one.  I am still employed full-time and hoping to scrape a retirement together before I'm 90 years old.  So, it is my HUSBAND who is home cleaning, shopping, doing the laundry, picking up kids and all of that fun stuff while I am the one working.  We share the cooking here and sometimes we enjoy preparing the meal together - which will usually involve a dance or two around the kitchen together.   I have learned to cook very well (as is evidenced by the size of my posterior at this point), but that's about it where the crafty stuff ends. The hubby does manage the budget because, frankly, I hate math and dealing with numbers literally hurts my head - but we plan the budget and work together to make the ends meet. 

My ability to cross-stitch makes people think that I sew, knit and crochet as well.  I really wish I could do those things, but I utterly suck at them.  I have finally purchased a sewing machine so that I can do some finishes to my stitching projects as well as fix hems for my girls or sew a strap back on when the sisters start fighting.  It's never pretty when I sew, but it's always functional.

For the most part, we get some funny looks when I mention this arrangement, but usually, I am met with shrieks of "You're SO lucky!" or something similar.  My hubby will not only clean the clothes, but he folds them AND puts them away.  Because the Marines is a way of life for him, he also irons.  (Honestly, he hates the way I iron clothes, so he does it all since I apparently miss one or two very small wrinkles and I don't pleat the pants appropriately - which all works for me because I hate to iron!)

However, there are many times that we get the "Uh-huh" and the eyebrow raise with nods when we discuss the arrangement in our house.  There are so many people who think that we should have the "conventional" home such as was seen on Leave it to Beaver, and I often make the remarks that I do NOT vacuum with a perfectly ironed skirt and pearls on.

I'm looking forward to getting a glimpse of the others on the Blog Hop.  It should be fun and interesting for me to read!

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  1. I think you and I could be twins separated at birth! <3

    To hell with convention and in with the rebellion of men ironing pants and women changing tires! I love it :)

  2. I hate when people assume things should be a certain way and are skeptical when they aren't. Who cares?! I seriously love that you work full-time and your husband does your cooking and cleaning. It totally goes against the (stereotypical) grain. More households need to be like yours ;)

  3. Thanks ladies. I think what is most awesome about this arrangement is that all of our children are seeing this as well. The boys tend to help out more around the house, and the girls feel comfortable in the garage working with dad and learning about mechanics and woodworking.

  4. It is pretty silly for people to assume that two X chromosomes equals a love of housework (which I despise, ugh) or that picking up a needle means being Suzie Q. Homemaker. Thank you for being the kind of gal who can stitch something beautiful AND rotate her own dang tires :)


  5. Like my husband and I always say, "We just do what we have to do. It's life." Sounds like you and I both have husbands who are keepers.

  6. First off.. you ROCK!!

    Secondly, nice to see I am not the only one that has a sweet man in their life that does the laundry, folds and puts all the clothes away.

  7. LOL My husband was medically discharged from the Navy shortly after we married and HE does the ironing when it needs to be done. If only dusting, scrubing tolits and windows were related to ironing. :0)

    1. Oh - I totally forgot to mention that my salary is used to pay for a maid service that comes every other week - we both hate the deep scrubbing of the house, and I'd rather pay someone else to do it than lose the family/stitching time.


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