Thursday, July 19, 2012

Framed & Hung!

I have been so amazingly thrilled since receiving my email from Jill with my Flip-Flops framed!! She sent me an email to show me what she created, and then I was simply DYING to have it back in my hands!

Unfortunately, my framed piece arrived the afternoon after I took off for a romantic two-day trip with the Hubby.  It took everything I had in me to go ahead and leave on time for the trip and not wait for the delivery, but life had to go on, right?

I returned home today, and after paying the babysitter, I ran into my office and opened the box.  It was so great to see my creation framed beautifully, and I immediately went to hang it up.

People have to be fully inside my home to get their "Welcome," but it is so great to see something that I made with cross-stitching back up in my house. I love it!

The framing was done by Jill Rensel: and now I get to wait to see my creation on her blog.  Talk about exciting for me!


  1. That turned out great. I did the same pattern a few years ago as a candle wrap for a Christmas present for one of my stitching buds, without the welcome. You should be thrilled with the framing!

  2. Looks beautiful! She did a wonderful framing job.

  3. What a gorgeous piece! People may not notice their 'Welcome' right when they walk in, but they'll be sure to notice it before they leave. I love the frame :)

  4. That framing is just the best. Love it!


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