Saturday, July 7, 2012

Letter J Update

I've been working slowly but steadily on Jordan Fairy. There has been some frogging that was necessary, but I've been careful to ensure everything lined up perfectly.
There has been some frogging - which has always occurred when I thought everything was going smoothly.  I was tempted to try the skin over 1, but I just didn't have it in me to do so. I am sticking with the pattern for these, and I'll try the over 1 for skin another time.

Since I kept my butt on the couch most of the day, I got a LOT done! The picture above is where I left off after last night, and here is where I left off tonight:

She has been a real pleasure for me to stitch! I am so glad that I started over on Lugana rather than sticking with the linen.  The girls keep watching where I am on Jordan knowing that the each are going to get one.  

I thought about continuing on the Fairy herself, but I wanted to make sure the J was lined up and that I have enough to measure out if the rest of the fairy is going together as she should.  

So far, so good!

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